Summer Finn (summereffect) wrote in stoldcastle,
Summer Finn

text ; I just stubbed my toe on this stone flooring.

Okay. Alright.

I made it to this journal, awesome. This pen is incredibly heavy ---

I'm still doing some exploring, enough to realize that I'm really not dreaming. Mmk. So.

Can anyone else see this? Testing, testing, roger dodger.
Tags: summer finn
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Oh, hello. Are you newly arrived?
Yes, brand new. Have you been here long? I haven't run into any other people yet, so I have no idea.
Long? For a while now, at least.

It's all very confusing to me still.
I can see ya!

Sorry, but you ain't dreaming. We're all pretty well stuck. I'm Rose. You may not believe it, but I'm used to traveling space and time. Being in strange places ain't anything new.

I suppose this is my first time going it alone, though... you all right? :)